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“Painting is a stylized interpretation of the real.”

- Calvin Goodgame

Although I've only been painting for a relatively short period of time (some six years on and off), I have found a lot of pleasure in creating portraits, mainly of people I have come to know. I first started with rough sketches and developed well enough to try my hand in painting with acrylics.

It was a hard learning curve and acrylics tend to create their own unique problems, what with drying very fast before blending has begun, but also darkening colour as each pass dries making it hard to match colours at a later stage. This is very frustrating, and often requires repainting larger areas with fresh paint.

So I tried a move from Portraiture to Landscapes, hoping the process would become easier. Alas it was not, so I then began watching a lot of online tutorials. Very helpful. I am also in the process of moving over to oils (and another steep learning curve) with its own problems.

Don't you just love learning!

About Me
Why MU?

Well, MU is an oriental word meaning 'emptiness', which is a very good place to start. Modern terms such as 'glass half full' (or empty) do not quite hit the mark when starting a new project. It's best to start as if totally new to creating art, as every new drawing or painting is a new experience, which it always is. You will always learn something new each time you lift a pencil or paint brush.

And as a wise man once said:  "A vessel is only useful when it is empty"
Services in Oxford

Services in Oxford

What I can offer in the Oxfordshire area

I can offer tuition to individuals, small groups and organisations, teaching the basics of drawing, painting and framing your own artwork, to hanging techniques, supplies and where to get them.

I've found drawing and painting to be very therapeutic and rewarding to all those I have taught. Many have also held their own exhibitions.

I am also available for private commissions, but will often need to take a photograph myself of the sitter, as most family snapshots do not provide enough sharp focus, contrast or lighting.

if you are interested in art, or would just like to meet and discuss art in some way, then please use the Contact section below and send me an email. I'd love to hear from you and it would be a great chance to meet other artists both new and experienced.

Hope to meet you soon.

Calvin Goodgame (BAHons) Multimedia UWCN

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Meeting Artists

Meeting Artists

Want to meet other artists? Let's start here.

There's always a time when you'd like someone's advice, or exchange information based on art and know of no-one to turn to. Well here I'm encouraging you to meet up with other like minded artists and share knowledge, socialise or just have a break from your art.

If you contact me with this in mind I can set up a regular forum online and create meetings we can all enjoy. Let's face it, we all need a break from painting as it can be very isolating and we tend to cocoon ourselves in our work and rarely see the light of day, (or the outside of your studio space). So meeting other artists is like a breath of fresh air and can be so rewarding, so uplifting and encouraging too.

If this is something that appeals to you then please send me an email and let's get this going. I for one could do with some social time out and meeting other artists to discuss things would be like a break in the clouds. Okay, it's winter and it often seems too cold and wet, but a nice warm cafe or pub lunch would be great fun and a well earned break.

So how about it?

Please use the Contact email to send me your interest and I will set up a regular meet. The rest will do you good : )

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  • Oxford, England, United Kingdom
  • Please send an email to arrange a private viewing, tuition or simply to meet and discuss art.